Making a Difference in Our Community

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Our Mission Partners

Prem Sewa Shikshan Sangh - Nagpur & Manjari, India:
Frank Juelich and Bapu Desai

The Ministry of Love Education Society gives opportunity for some 850-900 children to live in a home and study in schools that would otherwise be closed to them. Children who may be physically challenged are given the possibility to develop into self-reliant, self-supporting and self-respecting citizens.

Prem Sewa Shikshan Sangh

Boy Prisoners, Russia

Great Commission Media: Hannu Haukka

GCM ministries focuses on taking the Gospel to the nations of Russia, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa by using the tools of television, radio, the internet and the distribution of videos and literature in 40 languages. Humanitarian aid is provided in areas of suffering from natural disasters and to children in Russia's children's prison camps.

Watoto - Uganda: Gary and Marilyn Skinner

Watoto is a holistic care program developed as a compassionate response to the millions of children orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS. Currently care is given for over 2000 children where every child is raised in a family setting. The Watoto model involves physical care, medical intervention, education, trauma counselling and spiritual discipleship. The vision is to rescue an individual, raise each one as a leader in their chosen sphere of life so that they in turn will rebuild their nation.

Watoto, Uganda

Calcutta Mercy Ministries

Calcutta Mercy Ministries - India: Hulda Buntain

Free medical care, hot meals and educational programs bring new life to thousands of impoverished men, women and children at locations in and outside of Calcutta. Following graduation, dedicated Bible School students go into remote areas and develop schools and clinics for the children. Once trust is established, churches are formed to meet the spiritual needs of the families. A new initiative, Hope House, is being developed to provide a home and future for children of the Red Light district.

Cathedral of Praise - Manila, Philippines:
David and Beverley Sumrall

100 children each day for 5 days of the week receive a meal prepared by church volunteers who are eager to go into the needy communities of Manila. For many, it is their only meal of the day. A special program of songs, Bible stories and memory verses allow the children to receive the good news that Jesus loves them. Many families become involved in Bible Studies in their area and life takes on new significance.

Cathedral of Praise, Manila, Philippines

Metro Kids, Surrey BC

Metro Kids Society - Surrey, BC: Graham Hanson

Weekly programs are provided for 400-700 low income and at-risk children, pre-teens and youth who are bussed from their homes to the activity center. High energy programs teach Biblical truths and values in a way that relates to their inner city culture. Children learn to believe that the environment in which they currently live does not need to limit the achievements of their future.

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